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When you’re getting ready for a night out with the girls, you check it all.

The hair. Your nails. The top that says “I woke up like this” when, let’s be honest baby, you didn’t. You put in the work to look this good.

There’s one problem though. That coffee you’re sipping while doing the ‘pre-ladies night snap’ is messing up your look.

Starbucks is giving you teeth stains.

Not. Cool.

Before you go on a Twitter tirade that would make Rob Kardashian jealous (seriously, chill boy), we’ve got some good news.

We can save that pretty smile.

Water is A Girl’s BFF

Who needs water when you’ve got coffee?

We know it’s what your thinking. We’re in your head.

Every time you drink coffee and tea, the next thing to cross those fabulous lips should be water. Those drinks are like the awkward boy that lives next door.

Both hang out well past their welcome.

Water after you drink coffee, tea, or wine, minimizes contact, which fights off teeth stains.

If you’ve been brushing your teeth right after drinking your favorite bev, stop. That’s so 1995.

Brushing right after you drink sugary beverages harms your teeth. Bacteria use the sugars to create acids that in turn make the enamel softer. Your teeth are susceptible to damage when the acids are present.

Wait about 60 minutes, and then brush.

Well, “what if I’m at work or school?”, you ask. Told you, we’re in your head.

Get some teeth wipes. Drink water, splash it around in your mouth and wipe your teeth.

It seems like a lot of work, but unless you plan on frowning for the rest of your life, you’ll thank us.

After all, you’re gorgeous when you smile. Flaunt it, baby.

Suck It Up, Buttercup

If you don’t want teeth stains, there’s an easy solution.

Bypass your teeth.

It might seem strange to drink soda with a straw, but don’t worry. You’re cute enough to pull it off with ease.

Straws won’t work with hot coffee unless you enjoy a burning throat while driving down the highway. But for cold coffee, soda, and wine (maybe do the wine trick at home) it’s totally fab.

Using a straw limits the exposure to your teeth.

Think of a straw like an IV. It takes the goodness of your drinks and inserts them straight into your belly. No teeth needed.

Worst case, your straw obsession will be quirky. Guys dig that stuff.

Lay Off The Sugar

Sugar does some bad stuff to your smile and your body, so who needs it?

You’re sweet enough without it, baby.

First, sugar decays your teeth. Over time, they weaken and become susceptible to cracking.

Second, the bacteria that form into plaque feeds off of sugar. It creates energy and helps them multiply.

Bacteria also use sugar to form a type of paste, helping it stick to your teeth and create teeth stains.

If the grossness of this doesn’t make you want to limit your sugar intake, then the health benefits of cutting down on sugar will.

Sugar adds a lot of calories to your diet. Calories cause weight gain, which causes you to have to find a new bathing suit.

Weight gain also increases the risk of cancer and heart disease. Heart disease is the number one killer in America.

No Bueno.

It also puts you at a higher risk for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

It’s not something that should be part of a healthy diet.

We aren’t saying you can’t go a little crazy from time to time – we’re just saying that eating ice cream out of a carton might not be the best life choice.

Teeth stains are a problem, but heart disease is a killer.

Sugar is like the guy at the gym who’s always talking about his terrible ex-girlfriend.

Don’t give your heart to either of them. You’re better than that girl.

Wash Your Mouth Out

Not with soap. We aren’t aware of any studies that link soap to teeth stains, but why risk it?

We’re talking mouthwash.

Your run-of-the-mill mouthwash will make your mouth feel nice and clean, but we’re looking for a little bit more than that. We don’t do basic.

You need a mouthwash that’s antibacterial. It gets rid of plaque – the stuff that creates teeth stains.

There are some whitening mouthwashes out there. They aren’t miracle cures, but they help.

Use it before you go to bed. You don’t want all the bacteria your mouth has accumulated through the day sitting there all night.

Splash it around for 30 seconds. Hum a song and dance around the bathroom while you do it. Not that we dance in front of the mirror listening to K-Pop.

It’s just an idea.

This is a judgment-free zone, right?

Don’t Be The Marlboro Woman

If you’re reading this because you’re worried about teeth stains and your smoking at the same time, it’s time for us to have a little chat, sweetheart.

Smoking is bad for you.

Again you say duh as you roll your eyes. We’re still there, rolling around in your noggin.

The problem is that it doesn’t just burn up your lungs, heart, and every other internal organ in that adorable frame of yours.

It makes your teeth go from whoa to woe.

Smoking stains your teeth, but it’s not the same type of stain as coffee and sugar.

Those are the types of teeth stains some dentist trips can fix.

Cigarettes deposit tar and other nasty chemicals onto those pearly whites. Over time, it becomes harder to fix those stains.

It also weakens enamel, so your teeth will chip and stain. It’s a double whammy of epic proportions. It’s like a blind date with a guy that brings his mom and makes you pay.

It also adds wrinkles that shouldn’t be there and makes you smell like an ashtray. Imagine all the money you’ll save by not buying smokes and cutting back on body spray use!

We know that quitting is easier said than done. There are a lot more options than there used to be though.

Get some nicotine gum or patches. There are programs in a lot of states that will send you free stuff.

Create a plan and stick to it. You’ve got this!

Chew sugar-free gum when you get an urge, and a good pillow to cuddle/ punch/ yell into when you have a craving. It sucks now, but after a few weeks, you’ll feel better.

Learn To Love Your Dentist

Dentists can be scary. They have drills, picks, and tools that look like they came straight from a spaceship.

Dentists understand that no one wants to be there. Being worried is alright.

What isn’t alright is neglecting that beautiful smile. Going to a dentist on a regular basis keeps your mouth and body healthy.

By getting regular exams done, they can tell you what problems you might have. They can recommend steps to stop teeth stains and products that they’ve seen work.

They might even let you get a toy from the grab bag if you’re lucky.

Most importantly, they will give your teeth a deep cleaning. There’s only so much brushing and rinsing can do. A dentist can spot trouble areas and scrape away plaque and bacteria.

No product can replace the benefits of going to a dentist. They can handle any situation. If you’re worried about them judging you, don’t be.

The only judgment they’ll make is how smart you are for going to see them.

Flossing Fights Teeth Stains

We know, it’s a little weird to take a piece of fabric and slide it between teeth.

You know what’s worse than that?

Permanent teeth stains.

Flossing gets rid of food particles that get lodged between your chompers. The longer the food stays there, the more bacteria it produces.

Everytime you eat, take some time to floss. Go into a bathroom and have at it.

Or you can use dental sticks, which have a little piece of floss between two plastic holders. They make flossing a lot easier than holding the fabric with both hands and trying not to hit yourself.

Just don’t be one of the people that throw floss or dental sticks on the ground.

Those people aren’t cool at all.

Watch What You Eat

You’ve heard people say that you are what you eat, right?

Follow that advice. Be fresh.

Fresh cranberries stop the bonding of plaque-causing bacteria to your teeth.

Eat some fresh vegetables and fruits as well.

Eating apples, carrots, and celery clean plaque from teeth and freshen your breath.

If you’re worried about the natural sugars in apples and other crisp fruits, don’t be.

There’s a difference between naturally-occurring sugars and added sugars. Natural sugars don’t do the damage that the added ones do.

Foods and juices with vitamin D and calcium keep your teeth and muscles strong.

Green leafy vegetables contain folic acid, which is good for you. Folic acid promotes cell growth and lowers cholesterol in women.

Stay away from acidic foods! The natural acid in things like orange juice causes tooth decay.

Following this diet will protect you from teeth stains and make you healthier in general.

Home Remedies

Sometimes, everything you need is right in the kitchen.

Some spices that work wonders for your teeth are:

  • Coriander, Thyme, or Green Tea– Brew a tea from one of these three spices and use it as a mouthwash. They have antibacterial properties that fight plaque.
  • Sage– In studies, the use of sage has reduced tooth decay. For every cup of water, add one teaspoon of sage. Boil it, and then let it hang out until it’s cool. You just have to swish it in your mouth for a few minutes.
  • Sesame seeds– This is going to sound a little strange, but hang in there. Get a handful of these seeds and chew them up slowly, but don’t swallow them. Use a dry toothbrush, with the chewed seeds acting as the toothpaste. The seeds clean and polish your teeth.

Some foods are good for your teeth that you already eat. Those are:

  • Salsa– Saliva cleans your teeth and gums. Salsa, or any other spicy food, make your mouth water. It’s a delicious way to fight teeth stains. It’s muy caliente, just like your smile.
  • Cheese– If there are two things in this world you should love, it’s yourself and cheese. It gets your saliva going, cleaning your mouth the same way salsa does. The fatty acids in cheese contain antibacterials, and the proteins coat and protect tooth enamel.
  • Strawberries– If you can stop yourself from eating them all, take the juice from the berry and rub it on your teeth. Leave it for a few minutes before rinsing it off with warm water and a little baking soda. This whitens teeth and tastes better than toothpaste.

Get Them Professionally Bleached

One way to get rid of teeth stains is to have a dentist bleach them. This method requires carbamide peroxide. A light blasts the material into the dentin.

The appointment will take between 1-2 hours to complete, so if you need it for a special event like a wedding, plan ahead.

The price of the procedure is steep though.

It can cost up to $800. Even on the cheap end, you’re looking at 500 bucks.

We Have A Better Option For You

Want to save hundreds of dollars and get rid of those teeth stains?

We’ve got you, girl.

We’re dedicated to keeping your smile fresh by developing the latest technology in whitening. We only have the good stuff. Quality, not quantity.

Our products are safe, easy to use, and affordable. You can even order them on the computer you’re reading this on.

If you have questions, we have answers. We believe in being straightforward about the products we sell.

Don’t wait! Get your shine on today. You owe it to yourself.

In just 2-5 days, you’ll be on your way to a better smile and a more confident you.

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