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Insanely Quick LED Teeth Whitening That You Do at Home

LED teeth


It’s no secret that the teeth-whitening industry is one of the largest cosmetic or health-related industries in the world.

In fact, experts predict that by the year 2024, the industry will be worth an estimated $7.4 billion.

With so much money on the line, thousands of companies and dentists are trying to break into the market to claim their share. But with this increased competition comes plenty of impostors.

Some offer up trendy teeth-whitening solutions, like charcoal or baking soda. Others offer flashy, multi-step treatments that require visits to an office over several days, weeks, or months to complete.

Unfortunately, many of these are also offer sub-par results at a high-cost, and with a massive time commitment.

If you want real teeth whitening results at a lower cost, and without wasting hours of your day, it’s time to try LED teeth whitening treatments.

We’re breaking down how you can spend just five minutes a day and get a brighter, whiter, healthier smile, for less than the cost of many leading whitening treatments.

How to Use LED Teeth Whitening System

There are two main methods for using LED teeth whitening systems. One is a long-term solution that delivers results for those with a dull or yellow smile. The other is designed for touch-ups or for using in between our full treatment system applications.

Here’s some information on how you apply either treatment option

LED Teeth Whitening System

With full LED teeth whitening system, you’ll receive several different items.

The first is the mouth tray. This features a universal fit so that it will fit any mouth type or size.

The next item is the whitening gel syringes. Each full system comes with three of these. Each is good for 2-3 treatments, meaning that each full kit includes between 6 and 9 treatments.

The next item is the LED glow activation light. This is what activates the whitening gel, helping to whiten and brighten your smile.

An instruction manual is included to help walk you through the whitening process. The final item included in the full system is a shade guide. Use this to decide how long to leave the LED light turned on, to help you achieve your chosen shade of white.

To use this system, start by using the gel syringe to apply the gel to the mouth tray. Insert the tray into your mouth, and turn on the LED glow activation light. Leave in the tray, with the light on, for the time specified in the shade guide for your chosen shade.

Then, remove the tray, rinse your mouth, and rinse the mouth guard so that’s its ready to be used again.

LED Teeth Whitening Pen

Another option is the LED teeth whitening pen.

To use this system, remove the pen’s cap and twist the bottom to dispense the gel. Then, paint the gel onto your teeth.

Be sure to wait 30 seconds before closing your mouth, to avoid disrupting the gel. Then, wait at least 15 minutes before eating or drinking, for optimal results.

While the LED teeth whitening pen provides whitening results, it is best used for touch-ups in between full whitening treatments.

Benefits of LED Teeth Whitening Treatment Systems

There are thousands of teeth whitening treatments on the market today.

There are strips coated in chemicals that you apply directly to your mouth. There are toothpaste, mouthwashes, and even toothbrushes that promise to whiten your smile.

There are also costly professional treatments that feature flashy ads and big price tags.

While some of these treatment options do offer real results, they are usually either very expensive or very time-consuming. But LED teeth whitening systems offer a solution.

Keep reading to learn a few of the many benefits that you’ll enjoy with LED whitening solutions.

Simplified Application Process

Many whitening treatments require completing several very complicated steps.

Maybe you have to apply one treatment, wait an hour, and apply another. Or you have to use strips, then a gel, then a toothpaste, then a mouthwash.

If you choose a professional treatment, you may have to make several very time-consuming visits to an office, wait around for your turn, and then spend even longer getting treated.

LED teeth whitening treatments involve a simple process that anyone can master. Simply follow the easy directions for application, leave it on for five minutes, and go on about your day!

Just a Five Minute Time Commitment

Many teeth whitening systems require several hours from start to finish, including waiting times in between treatments.

Even the fastest options take at least ten minutes to finish.

LED teeth whitening treatments take just five minutes from start to finish. All you have to do is apply the gel to the mouth tray, insert it, and activate the LED lights. Five minutes later you’ll be done, and ready to go out and enjoy your brighter, whiter smile.

Safe Treatment

Many of the whitening treatments and trends on the market today are actually dangerous to use. They can permanently stain your teeth, break down protective layers of enamel, or even affect your health.

Charcoal is one popular trend that could actually be hurting your teeth. It’s abrasive and can damage your teeth or cause gum sensitivity.

Dentists also claim that it provides no true whitening results.

Professional whitening treatments are also known to cause gum sensitivity and irritation.

LED treatments and gel systems are safe, both for your teeth and for your overall health.

Long-term Results

Even though LED whitening systems require you to use the treatment for just five minutes a day, for several days in a row, you’ll enjoy long-lasting, effective results.

Wasting your money on treatments that promise immediate results in just one treatment is unlikely to lead to long-term whitening results. Instead, invest in effective whitening that you can enjoy long after you’re done with your treatment cycle.

Avoid a Trip to the Dentist Office

An untold number of people around the world suffer from extreme anxiety when visiting a dentist. Even when just visiting for regular cleanings, the anxiety can set in, leaving you feeling shaky, nervous, or even physically ill.

This anxiety has led many dentists to look for solutions, like sedation or gas designed to calm patients. But many of these are not available for those looking to visit a dentist for whitening treatments.

Even if you don’t suffer from anxiety, visiting a dentist for whitening treatments can be a mistake.

It’ll cost you a ton of money, which your insurance is very unlikely to cover since the treatment is considered cosmetic.

Dentist offices are rarely open outside of regular business hours, which means you’ll probably have to take time off of work for your visits.

Additionally, the treatments that dentists offer usually take several visits to complete, which means more time and money spent.

LED teeth whitening systems offer fast, effective, inexpensive results without requiring a single visit to a dentist. Enjoy a whiter, brighter smile from the comfort of your home.

Ways to Keep Your Teeth White in Between LED Teeth Whitening Treatments

LED teeth whitening treatments can be a great way to achieve a whiter smile in just five minutes a day.

But if you don’t want to perform these treatments daily or pay for seven treatments a week, you’ll need to find a way to help keep your smile whiter in between your treatments. We’re breaking down a few ways that you can do this.

Get Regular Check-Ups

Just because you can enjoy effective whitening at home doesn’t mean that you can avoid your dentist altogether.

Keeping your teeth healthy and white means protecting your dental health as a whole. You’ll still need to visit your dentist for routine cleanings.

During these visits, you’ll not only get clean teeth that will be better prepared for whitening, but also learn about any potential dangers. This could include gingivitis, cracked enamel, or other conditions that can affect your ability to have a white smile.

Watch Your Diet

Some of your favorite foods and drinks could be darkening your pretty white smile.

The obvious culprits are coffee, red wine, soda, and sweets. But there are plenty of other foods that you may not realize are contributing to your yellow teeth.

White wine, for instance, could be affecting your white smile. Even though it is nearly clear in color, it contains acid that chips away at your enamel, which can lead the way for stains and discoloration.

Some healthy foods may also be hurting your smile. Blackberries and blueberries are known for staining teeth. Some types of tea can do the same.

Luckily, there are plenty of foods that can actually help to whiten your teeth. These are great for enjoying in between whitening treatments, to help make your results last longer.

Strawberries, apples, and water are a few well-known foods that help whiten your smile.

But did you know that cheese and nuts can do so as well? Cheese raises the pH level of your mouth, which can help fight cavities.

Eating nuts will help to increase saliva production, which helps to keep your mouth clean.

Brush and Floss Daily

Your dentist was on to something when he or she told you that brushing and flossing daily is essential.

Doing so helps to cut down on bacteria in your mouth, which helps keep your teeth and gums healthy. It also helps to keep stains from forming when you do enjoy foods that can yellow your teeth.

While you don’t have to blush and floss ten times a day (and shouldn’t, because this could hurt your teeth!), you should aim to do so at least twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night.

Some dentists recommend brushing after every meal to get rid of food particles and cut down on bacteria and stains.

Replace Your Toothbrush

Simply brushing your teeth daily may not be enough to keep your smile healthy and white.

Many people overuse their toothbrushes long past the recommended length of time for use. This can lead you to not getting your teeth as clean as they should be, or even cause a breakdown of your enamel.

Damaged enamel is more prone to stains and discoloration.

To avoid this, replace your toothbrush when the bristles begin to flatten, or after three months even if this does not occur.

Additionally, store your toothbrush in a clean, dry environment, so that it can dry out between brushings.

This can help prevent bacteria or mold from growing, which could make you ill.

The Difference a Whiter Smile Can Make

A yellow smile can be embarrassing.

You’ll have less confidence at work and in your social life. You may be embarrassed to smile, which can leave you looking unfriendly and feeling unhappy. You’ll avoid pictures and selfies, and stress over how you look when you do decide to smile.

When you smile is clean, bright, and white, you’ll enjoy a huge boost in confidence. You’ll love smiling for photos and showing off your pearly whites.

Start Enjoying a Brighter, Whiter Smile Today

Getting a brighter, whiter smile doesn’t have to be a costly, time consuming, painful, or stressful process. Skip the trendy treatments or one-stop promises.

Avoid costly, time-consuming visits to a dentist or other professional.

Instead, enjoy effective, low-cost whitening in just five minutes a day, right from the comfort of your home.

If you’re ready to see how our LED teeth whitening treatment system can help you achieve the results that you’re dreaming of, shop our treatments and bundles today.

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